Bird Flipper Still Behind Bars (video)

Matthew Bartlett, the now infamous bird flipper of the Casey Anthony murder trial, is still incarcerated although he is appealing his stiff sentence.

His court appointed attorney filed a motion with Judge Perry to have Bartlett released pending appeal, because six days, the original prison sentence’s time, could elapse before the appeal is heard. Perry quickly denied the motion, making me smile broadly. One way or another, the irresponsible, conniving kid is going to serve his time. Bravo, Belvin!

The Orlando Sentinel reported that this is not Bartlett’s first encounter with 33rd Street. He had been arrested previously on a charge of domestic violence when he and his girlfriend had a loud argument with other people living in his parents’ house, and subsequently barricaded himself into a room. His father broke into the room and was battered by the spoiled little prick. Cops were called, Bartlett was taken down to 33rd Street, but in the end, charges were dropped.

I detect an interesting inconsistency. The Sentinel reported that story as if the 28 year-old Bartlett still lives in that house; however, when he was asked by Perry if he lives with his parents or by himself, he responded with the latter. If he lied, maybe Perry could also file charges of perjury against the schmuck. I’m all for teaching the junior genius a little about jurisprudence and a lot about life.

Might as well nip this criminal misbehavior in the bud.


  1. Matthew says

    Oh, Judge Perry can pick his nose on national TV, but I can’t toss a bird to all my buds viewing?

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