Spliffs, Mon!

This Turkey dives back into the Penn State football blogosphere with the latest in drug busts or at least a preliminary finding relating to an eventual bust.

According to the Collegian, the apartment of Devon Smith and Jack Crawford was entered by a police officer in connection with the investigation of a reported break-in. Upon entry, the cop found a Mary Jane grinder, a scale, and “multiple blunts in an ash tray.”

That find was good enough for the DA’s office to ask for a search warrant. When police executed the warrant, they seized “multiple blunts, a bottle of liquor, a grinder, a scale, a plastic bag with suspected marijuana, and prescription drugs.”

Neither Smith nor Crawford have yet been charged.

Devon (pronounce it DEE-von) Smith is a wide receiver. Crawford, a defensive end in 2009-2011 seasons, is presently awaiting the NFL Draft next month.

There was no indication of the quantities of pot involved, or whether it appeared that selling the somehow still illegal drug was suspected.

What this Turkey thinks is ridiculous is that one of the residents of an on-campus apartment would call the police to report a break-in without cleaning up the dope. Are these guys complete idiots, or what? Or perhaps someone else, who might not be their BFF called the cops, knowing what they would find there.

The Collegiate article was unclear about whether the cops were let in the first time or got in at the behest of the apartment superintendent. Enquiring minds want to know.

More details from yet another minor, but embarrassing off-field incident as they emerge, unless they’re downright stupid.


  1. BigAl says

    Maybe the marijuana was used for “medicinal” purposes – to ease their pain from the violence of football.

    Seriously, I can’t get too excited about this – other than wondering whether Penn State’s drug testing program is effective. When I attended State it would have been pretty hard to find a student who hadn’t tried pot at least once.

    Welcome back and hold out for a minimum of six figures.

    • says

      If I get six figures, then it’s sayonara, Turkey. But it won’t happen.

      Yeah, you have a good point, Al. If the football program is serious about keeping its players drug free, then the testing needs to be more than just a formality. However, as you noted finding someone who could pass a marijuana test might be pretty difficult on the campus at large. Hell, I’d be a hypocrite by several kilos if I were self righteous enough to say I never touched the stuff.

      To me, the interesting thing will be how the new regime handles it. We know what Joe would have done. How will O’Brien handle it. This one will set the precedent.


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