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As a kid, this Turkey used to make fun of the Altoona Mirror. Being a city boy from da Burgh and a voracious reader of the Pittsburgh Press, on visits to my grandma’s house in Altoona I would delight in looking through the Mirror for information on Pirates games, and for local ads that bore the names of stores owned by relatives. However, it all seemed so small-towny and just too inconsequential for this big city Turkey.

Now, the Press is long gone, but the Altoona Mirror is still going strong, as it has done since 1876.

We here at the Turkey are honored to have a couple of Altoona Mirror stories leading off this edition of Sudden Impact.


Gag order issued in Sandusky case — off-limits topics include evidence, opinions of Sandusky’s guilt or innocents, the reputation and credibility of any witness, etc. Read all about it in the good old Altoona Mirror.


Our old buddy Cory Giger reports in the Altoona Mirror that the Nittany Lions’ offense is no longer simple and predictable. He even used the word “modern.”


Stefanie Loh, crack reporter on the PSU Football beat for the Patriot-News, interviewed center Matt Stankiewicz and found a great amount of enthusiasm among offensive linemen, who have taken quite well to the training by coaches Mac McWhorter and Craig Fitzgerald.


Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, who are being prosecuted for perjury relating to the Sandusky case, most likely won’t go to trial until September, reports Sara Ganim, prize winning crime reporter for Patriot-News.


PSU defensive tackle Devon Still has been ranked by Sporting News as the #16 NFL draft prospect. Read the evaluation here.


You can order your copy of  “A Memorial for Joe”  through, although the PayPal link was not working when we last visited there on publication day.


I lied to Jackstand about the Blue-White game not being televised. The deal is that the Big Ten Network (BTN) will stream the game at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, April 21, on BTN2GO and The Big Ten Digital Network. It will also air on BTN at 8 p.m. the same evening.

So, what kept BTN from airing the game live on the cable BTN channel? Well, folks, I guess the Lions are second class citizens around that network, because they’ll be broadcasting the Ohio State spring game at 1:30. That’s undoubtedly the reason. I suppose the whole specter of how Urban Meyer drives Ohio State into the ground generates more TV revenue than the Bill O’Brien flight of the phoenix Nittany Lions.

So, what’s this BTN2GO stuff? It is a digital subscription service provided by BTN to subscribers of certain national cable and satellite providers. More information can be found at

My satellite provider, DirecTV is one of the providers who participates in the BTN2GO thing, so I checked it out. You’ll have to navigate to, then register for the site, supplying an email address and creating a password. After submitting the registration, you’ll receive a “welcome” email at the address used for registration containing a link to validate your membership. After doing that, all you have to do is click on “BTN LIVE” and you’ll see the logos of various providers. You’ll then have to provide appropriate credentials, which vary from provider to provider. Once you’re authorized, you’ll be watching the streaming video.

And what for Big Ten Digital Network? Well, mateys, that one is going to cost you some. BTN has all the angles covered. It is available for monthly or annual subscription for participating schools, PSU being one of them. For the full subscription details, see

So, yes, there will be live video for the Blue-White game on April 21!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned to this channel for the next asynchronous, sporadic, impertinent issue of Sudden Impact.



  1. Lizzie says

    Your memories of the Altoona Mirror remind me of my own recollections of the Fenelon Falls Gazette founded in 1873 and still going strong in a town of 1,40o people. Population swells in the summer as it is cottage country for mainly Torontonians. I have spent a part of every summer of my life there but I stray…………. one thing from my childhood that sticks in my mind from this rag is that the writers wo ld always describe the women who might be attending a strawberry social or a wedding or whatever as being “prettily” dressed. That word has always stuck in my mind and I have never actually used it or written it until now. Long live the small town newspapers and the memories they have provided! All of this, of course, has nothing to do with football.


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