Sudden Impact, Post BW Style

We here at the Turkey sure hope y’all enjoyed the Blue-White extravaganza.

Hey, what’s with this “y’all” stuff? Ain’t no boats around here. No, Bubba, this Turkey is way south of the Masonic-Dixonial Line of Grammatical Demarcation. North of it, the word is “yinz”; south of it, we say “y’all.”

Problem is, there’s no separate plural form of “you” in the English language. We just use “you” for second person singular or plural. But if you’re from the South or from da Burgh, you can rectumfy that natural language deficit by creating your own plural, thus “y’all” and “yinz”. In Philly it’s more like “yuz.” But I sanctimoniously digress.

The Monday Morning reactions to the Blue-White Game seem to be concentrated in three major areas:

  1. McGloin is this Turkey’s presumptive starting QB unless Jones or Bolden suddenly develops. Jones looks like he might make it — eventually. Bolden does not. The latter exhibits the same flaws as he did two years ago.
  2. Bill Belton looks like a stud running back. His role will be backing up Silas Redd. Perhaps that’s not enough, given his solid performance.
  3. A hearty good riddance to the soft Sandusky zone, the vaunted BBDB, and the conservative, 1980s defensive schemes.

With the spring classic done, and Monday Morning sophomoric analyses complete, this edition of Sudden Impact takes another look at Paul Jones, assesses Penn State players’ chances in the forthcoming NFL draft, and elucidates the Paterno family’s ire over Penn State’s handling of post-firing details.


Jeremy Elliott of the Patriot-News reiterates the obvious: Penn State defensive players have had great success in the NFL, but of late (meaning from the end of the Kerry Collins era), we have seen scant few offensive players get drafted.


Our old buddy Bob Flounders of the same publication has a more robust take on the NFL’s penchant for selecting Nittany Lions defensive players in the Draft. We all have high hopes for Devon Still this year. Separately, in Flounders’ blog, he lists Penn State’s NFL draft selections since 1992.


Paul Jones has had a rough time since coming to Penn State. His high school grades and SATs were good enough to get him admitted to Stanford and Duke, but he came to Penn State and languished academically. Why? Rich Scarcella of the Reading Eagle shares the results of his digging into that matter.


More fallout from the Sandusky scandal: Mark Sherburne, whom you might recall was the first appointee as interim athletic director when Tim Curley was placed on administrative leave, was fired for withholding documents relating to Curley, says Susan Snyder of the Inquirer.


The Paterno family remains outraged about the University’s attempts to smooth things over, including dangling the notion of renaming Beaver Stadium as an appeasement. Sara Ganim, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, has dug into this story.


That’s it for another edition of Sudden Impact. Well, it’s a long, long time, from May to December, but the days grow fun when you reach September. We’ll try to fill in some of the football withdrawal gaps for you with our brainless humor and occasional factoids.


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