Message to PS4RS about Kevin Slaten Radio Show (UPDATED)

(NOTE: This was originally incorrectly attributed to former Penn State football coach Tom Bradley. It was actually written by another Tom Bradley, of Altoona, Pa., who signed it “Tom Bradley” (of course), thus confusing this aging Turkey. It is still worth a read, because Scrap says that Altoona Tom is a great guy. We apologize to both Bradleys and to our readers for the confusion. —TNT)

Good morning, fellow Nittany Lions!

I hope you listened to at least part of the Kevin Slaten radio interview with that buffoon Missouri lieutenant governor candidate I sent you last Saturday. (Ed. Note: this audio clip can be found at —TNT) Slaten, who has a daily sports talk show in St. Louis, sees through this entire fiasco and knows the Freeh report from cover-to-cover. PLEASE take some time to listen to his interview with Anthony Lubrano (see below.) GOOD STUFF!!!!

Kevin’s show is from 3-6 pm CDT on weekdays. You can listen by logging into I’m planning to call in today between 4-5 p.m. EDT.

You need to know that several slight “corrections” were made to the Freeh report on Monday as the NCAA hammer was coming down. The timing was quite suspicious. Damaging quotes attributed to Gary Schultz where he said he knew nothing about the 1998 investigation were actually made by PSU counsel Wendell Courtney. Shows what a rush to judgment can do.

There will be more! The infamous Vickie Tripponey [sic], who was fired by Penn State for the way she mishandled the student discipline process and HATED Joe Paterno, was an associate of (drum roll, please) MARK EMMERT. Now we know why Emmert thinks Joe ran the university. Someone’s been chirping in his ear for years about this.

Don’t feel guilty if you felt like giving up the fight on Monday. We all felt like that. The fight continues. We’re just getting started.

PLEASE: If you are not a member of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, please log on at and join today. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS and you’ll receive regular updates as we move forward . TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Regardless of what Sports Illustrated says this week, WE ARE STILL PENN STATE!


  1. Nan Hart says

    Thanks for this: Kevin is to be so commended for taking on this search for truth….he is going totally against the established media here and that is to his credit that despite that he sees through it to the truth. He is an attorney and that has become clear in his precision analysis and debating skills. I have called in twice and had the pleasure to talk to him….I was honored and it was a delight to share the feelings of so many of us who still support Penn State and want responsible and courageous leadership. Nan Hart, PSU class of 1972.
    Rutland, Vermont.

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