Sue Paterno to Be Interviewed Today by Ms. Perky

On this afternoon’s (February 11) edition of Katie, the ever-perky Katie Couric interviews Sue Paterno. With the Sollers report having been published just yesterday, I have to wonder whether this interview will be a hatchet job or a typical softball mainstream media interview in which no new revelations surface?

What’s worse than a mainstream media person? A former mainstream media person. Who did? Katydid.

Snap out of it, Turkey!

My money is on Katie lending a sympathetic ear.

Anyway, Katie’s syndicated show is on at various times in the afternoon. I get it at 2:00 on our local NBC affiliate; in New York, it’s on WABC at 3:00. I guess it depends on which soap operas Katie is up against in whichever the specific market. (I hear that Luke and Laura might be becoming an item again on General Hospital, so Katie pales in comparison, but I digress.)

Check out the Katie site for details, for a video preview, and for scheduling information in your area.


  1. Joe says

    Did you catch Jay Paterno on “The Leader” this morning? I thought he did a reasonable job fielding stupid questions especially at the end of the interview. He made a point of citing Clemente’s report as one of the key pieces of Soller’s report.

    I must admit, my opinion of him has changed dramatically once he turned in his coaches whistle.

    Ms. Couric follows General Hospital at 3 on Philadelphia’s Channel 6 here in Southeast PA today. I think it will be softball questions and a sympathetic ear-who could willingly put Sue through the ringer.

    • says

      I really like Jay and I have a great deal of respect for him as a person, a writer, and a humanitarian; however, I could do without his political orientation and his quarterback coaching.

      In my opinion, too, Clemente’s chunk of the report has value that transcends merely vindicating Paterno. It should open many eyes if they’re not taped shut.


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