The Surma File

For those of you who love a great conspiracy theory, Penn State’s outgoing trustee John Surma is a great lightning rod. While I don’t normally go to great lengths to spread trash, I felt a bit capricious this President’s Day afternoon. So go ahead and read THE SURMA VENDETTA. This has been around since last September, but it is a great way to stoke your ongoing anger with the Board of Trustees. Even though Surma is leaving and I’ve posted this link before, it will behoove you to give it a read, if you haven’t already done so.

If one is to extrapolate from anecdotal tidbits such as this one, we may never know the extent of intrigue and subterfuge surrounding the Sandusky affair. As they come to light, more and more pieces of the proverbial puzzle are assembled with the ultimate effect being that the puzzle becomes more puzzling, which leads to great conspiracy theory fodder.

Whatever it takes to get the damn BoT cleaned out and freed from the agenda bearers is great with me,  even if we sometimes have to dig deep.

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