NCAA Softens on PSU Scholarship Constraints

Mark Emmert agrees that Penn State has been a good boy and will reduce the NCAA punishment for events beyond the control of the football program. There is even some hope for abatement of the post-season ban, but not this year.

Yeah, you read that right. Some of you even correctly predicted it. Whoda thought?

Follow the money.

Read about it here and here.


  1. Joe says

    Amazed at how every “journalist” on E$PN today was touting how the NCAA should have never imposed the sanctions in the first place and this was a partial step to righting the wrong. Didn’t know Alzheimer’s Disease set in that early.

    Is this solely Mitchell and Delaney’s doing? I somehow think the NCAA is looking for a way out of the mess they created last year and that may be because of an underlying feeling within Indianapolis that the Paterno suit will be heard.

    So what’s next? I really believe that Mitchell will issue a couple of additional glowing reports and PS will be declared bowl/B1G championship eligible for the 2014 season sometime next year.

    I also think that when the Paterno suit is heard, this tidbit will get Paterno his wins back:

    If he was not involved in a cover-up, even though Louie said he was, then why take away his wins? I feel bad for Bobby Bowden. I do hope however that cooler heads prevail and the statue stays tucked away in the JoePa cave at the base of Mount Nittany.

    Even though as I stated previously, it was time to just get over it, this thing just won’t go away, but I am happy that BoB will get some additional headcount earlier than expected.

    • says

      Here’s a humorous tweet I came across in the wake of the NCAA’s changed posture:

      JoePa’s Doghouse @RowlffDogg
      I’m guessing that Emmert once said something like, “Yeah, I’ll reduce your sanctions when the Pirates make the playoffs…”

    • K. John says

      I to would like for it to be over but it isn’t going away and it won’t go away until one of two things happen.

      1. All sanctions are rescinded, Penn State is appropriately compensated for damages, the NCAA issues an apology, Joe Paterno is appropriately honored and the statue is returned.

      2. Actual evidence of wrong doing by Paterno and real evidence of an actual cover up by the three administrators as opposed to the non-evidence that is currently out there.

      This well never end unless one of those two things happens and at this point, the likelihood of the later happening is essentially zero because if that evidence existed, it would already be out there.

  2. K. John says

    I have been hearing for some time that the NCAA came to Penn State some time over the summer which prompted all the talk about the sanctions being reduced. It is only a matter of time until the rest are gone. It is just a matter of when and how ugly is it going to get. The statue will return and the wall will be rebuilt.

    • Joe says

      I very much disagree.

      Yes, bowl eligibility will be returned for the 2014 season sometime before the start of the season.

      I doubt very much if there will be any additional changes to the scholarship numbers. Seems like workable relief-the gross totals increasing each year is the pretty big deal.

      The $60 million will stay. It is a fair punishment, as I am of the belief that you penalize schools where it hurts-in the wallet. The only thing to be decided (perhaps by the courts) is whether it stays in PA (or is controlled by PA) or whether it gets cast in to the wind and distributed across the country.

      I think the Paterno lawsuit still has legs and with Fina and McGettigan saying there was no evidence of Paterno’s involvement in a cover up (regardless of what Freeh said), there is a good chance that at some point the wins get restored. But in my humble opinion, who cares. I know who won those games, don’t you?

      Finally, I hate statues honoring coaches, especially a statue that the coach didn’t want anyway. Keep the statue in the warehouse. I want to see this program go forth recognizing the school and ALL those who made it in to what it is, not a silly hunk of metal recognizing one man above everyone else. Instead of that silly statue, plant a tree in that area for each academic all-american!

      • says

        Amen to the wish to put the crap behind us.

        I don’t see Emmert giving up much more ground. This one had to dent his ego, which will now resist further concessions even more. The $60 million fine ain’t going away, and I’m thinking that the projected changes to Division I governance will codify some sort of NFL model fine schedule for infractions. Institutional integrity? Like the fox guarding the hen house.

        As for the statue, I’d still be happy if they gave it some space in the All Sports Museum. After all, it was the Paterno credo “success with honor”, the Grand Experiment that fostered the production of those academic All Americans. If St. Joe made a few mistakes toward the end, so do we all.


        • K. John says

          I don’t think Emmert is going to have much say in the matter from this point forward. The Paterno’s naming him, Ed Ray and the executive council (or whatever it is called) turned the tables a bit. If they get standing, and I don’t see an argument why they wouldn’t, the threat of discovery is going to put this thing to bed once and for all.

          I think all the sanctions will go by the wayside, including the fine. It is not a matter of if but when and if Penn State and the other victims of the NCAA’s misconduct are compensated. However, I do think Penn State will make a donation in the same amount from the University coffers as opposed to the Athletic Department coffers.

  3. says

    Interesting perspectives, all.

    Here is another, posted by Ed Palinurus on another thread: “The thing you miss is that I highly doubt the Paterno family wants discovery, either. I think it is highly likely that Joe had many mis-steps in this scandal and that will all come out. The suit was a ploy; won’t be [surprised] if the Paternos declare victory and drop it.”

    The Paterno family suit is neither viable nor is it frivolous. Tawk amongst yaselves. Discuss!


    • Joe says

      Well, to Mr Palinurus I offer the following evidence that the Paterno’s are not going to go quietly in to the night!

      Scott Paterno @ScottPaterno
      Hearing that the NCAA is restoring scholarships… It’s a start. But the whole lot have to go as they are unjustified.
      11:05 AM – 24 Sep 2013

      Scott Paterno @ScottPaterno
      It’s great @NCAA made a small step forward. As Fina’s statement proves, there is no reason to sanction football – there was no JVP coverup.
      11:11 AM – 24 Sep 2013

      Scott Paterno @ScottPaterno
      It’s great that fewer kids will miss the chance to get a world class education at PSU. It’s a shame all sanctions weren’t dropped as unjust.
      11:14 AM – 24 Sep 2013

      They want Joe’s “stature” (and statue) restored. This translates to the wins, bowl victories, and anything else that had his name on it put back the way it was. I don’t believe they really give a damn about scholarships, post season eligibility or the $60 million.

      I don’t know how much additional discovery can be found about Joe. They poured through his in-home personal notes and all his junk that was buried in the library and I doubt very seriously if his kin is going to “volunteer” any information that puts him in a bad light. If it hasn’t been brought forth by now it never will be.

      No they are confident the lawsuit will go forward and they will win. This is not about Penn State or football, but simply restoring the father’s name and reputation. They are not going to throw in the towel until that happens or they run out of legal options.

      • K. John says

        The one thing about the lawsuit people continue to overlook is the involvement of trustees. This more than anything is a threat to the NCAA and how it works. The NCAA has deliberately removed trustees from involvement in school’s affairs. I am no lawyer, but in Pennsylvania, that appears to run afoul of state law as trustees have certain legal obligations.

        • says

          Lubrano is a loose cannon and Khouri is a student. Neither are in with the in crowd on the BoT; they are minor, add-on players in the Paterno suit with little at risk. I can’t take their involvement seriously and I doubt that their presence as plaintiffs will affect the standing and potential adjudication one way or the other.


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