Jameis Won’t Be Charged

by Ben Goldfarb on December 5, 2013

in Sports

ESPN is reporting that FSU all-everything Heisman candidate super-frosh quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged with rape for an alleged sexual assault that allegedly occurred an alleged approximate year ago.

I wonder how much money changed hands.

Call me a cynic, but this thing has big bucks written between the lines. I’m not saying that the girl was looking for a payoff. Either Winston is guilty or he isn’t, but this one will never see a courtroom. If he did it and somehow is not being charged, it is a travesty of justice. If he didn’t (i.e., it was consensual, as he said) and the alleged victim was shaking him down, then he learned a lesson about where he puts his dick from now one.

In any case, this paves the way for Winston to complete the season, win the SSMNC, and get his Heisman, not necessarily in that order.

Joe December 5, 2013 at 5:17 pm

For some reason I always thought it would end up this way-can’t prove he did or didn’t because we don’t have enough evidence to charge him and the accuser is essentially a witness we can’t put on the stand.

I guess my real issue here is why didn’t the Tallahassee PD pursue this thing from the get go? Oh well, another thing we’ll never get to the bottom of. I guess if your last name is Kennedy or you’re the potential starting QB for Seminole nation or (fill in the name of your favorite football/basketball university), well you know what I’m alluding to!

The Nittany Turkey December 18, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Yeah — why didn’t Ray Gricar press charges against the Tickle Monster? And where is Ray Gricar today? If I suddenly disappear after mentioning that name, call Louis Freeh.


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