Midget, Butler to Houston?

Here’s a little tidbit from CoachingSearch.com:

Houston Texans: A source tells CoachingSearch that Penn State safeties coach Anthony Midget will join Bill O’Brien’s staff. Expect Penn State defensive coordinator John Butler to do the same. Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport reports that O’Brien met with the current Texans’ assistants today for 5 minutes and informed them he was cleaning house.

I don’t think anyone will be missing those two at Penn State, now will we?

O’Brien must have the existing staff quaking in their cleats.


  1. Joe says

    Praise the almighty-Butler is gone! I can’t see him as being the DC of an NFL team though, but maybe OB still has dreams of all that new cash floating around in his head and it’s clouded his rational thought paths. Midget had what, one or two years of coaching experience before coming to PS so I offer no opinion other than our secondary stank last year under both of them. Maybe he’s going to start out like OB did at the Pats doing film cut-ups.

    Don’t know if you saw this in the Patriot News today, but here’s an interesting piece on Golden from one of his former players.


    I also saw that Adam Shefter is reporting the following:


    So my interest in Franklin is beginning to wane with pending NFL overtures. Don’t need a repeat of what we just went through the last two years so soon. Interesting that he was passed over by the Longhorns, but the Browns and ‘Skins are interested. What the hell does it tell you about those two organizations!

    So we’re left with Strollo, London and Mac (indications are that Fitzgerald is following OB to Houston.) I think Mac & LJ may be the only ones that have a chance of staying if they want to.

    Poorman had an interesting column today about possible assistants. While I don’t know enough about most of these guys, it does appear that Golden has enough contacts to put a decent staff together.


    So if everything works out I think it’s going to be Golden. This may be his last chance to get back “home” and I’m okay with that. LJ would be great, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe they make him DC or Assistant Head Coach if he doesn’t get the HC gig. Hope Golden doesn’t bring D’Onofrio with him as The U’s defense has been sort of underachieving during Golden’s tenure with him as DC.

    Interesting times my friend!

    • says

      I commented on Poorman’s column elsewhere. It was all pie-in-the-sky crap as far as I’m concerned.

      I also saw the tweets about Franklin’s interviewing with the Redskins and Browns. I didn’t take that as negative an indication as you did, being aware of the NFL’s minority initiative. Teams have to interview “candidates of color” (to wax Jesse Jacksonesque) and in that sense it’s almost like having a university HR department on one’s ass. From that perspective, Franklin’s participating in the interviews doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s interested. Hell, I’ve done interviews when I had no intention of changing jobs — just to see how the market values me and to reaffirm to myself that somebody (else) out there wants me.

      LJ won’t happen unless everything else falls through, sad to say. I like the guy, but I really do want new blood. I’m glad Scrap hasn’t applied. I doubt that he would get much consideration. This search committee seems to be all business and no shenanigans. I like that. Munchak has been given a vote of confidence by Titans management, so he’s probably out of the hunt. So, Franklin and Golden are the two serious candidates from the “wish” part of the list, and Schiano and LJ are the only two I can identify in my mind as components of the “guys we know we can get” list.

      Let’s not put the cart before the horse with all this Poormanesque assistant coach speculation. Golden ain’t yet a done deal.

      Interesting times, indeed!


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