Musty Burger Outta Heah!

Have you heard the news from ABC/ESPN? Chris Fowler will be doing the Saturday Night College Football broadcast with Kirk Herbstreit starting this season, as Brent Musberger has hopped over to the fledgling SEC Network, where he’ll be teamed with Jesse Palmer.

What happened there? Musburger, who is closing in on 75 years old, was told prior to this year’s BCS championship game that he wouldn’t be the announcer for the big game next year. That could have pissed him off, but ESPN officials quickly told him that he would be the lead announcer for the SEC Network.

Victory snatched from the jaws of defeat? Or being put out to pasture turned into being put out for stud? Read the story in and you make the call.


  1. K. John says

    Personally, this is a great move. Musty Burger if way past his prime, if he ever had one. I can tell you right now that I will not watch the SEC network because I, much like most Americans don’t care about the cheaters league so this is a win win for me.

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