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If I never post anything, no one will read what I don’t post.

I’ve been on vacation of late, hitting such vacation spots as Green Bay, Wisconsin; The Big Sleazy, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; Mountain Home, Arkansas; and Wakulla Springs, Florida. In Green Bay, I was trying out for middle linebacker with the Packers, because they need someone better than Clay Matthews. but the cheeseheads didn’t seem interested.

There have been happenings on the Penn State front that I’ve been neglecting, most notably the controversial new babe AD. You can bet that I’ll have something to say about that! I have to wonder whether next year this time people will be saying that we would have been better off with Joyner.

Jay Paterno also filed a wrongful termination suit against Penn State, but I won’t be covering that. The Paternos and all their machinations are old news as far as I’m concerned.

Best of all, we have a season to speculate about! At this stage of the season, hopes are high that the Nittany Lions will be 12-0 and will win the Somewhat Less Mythical National Championship (SLMNC). Fortunately, I don’t know anyone so delusional as to think that, but you probably do. In forthcoming articles, I’ll examine the team and the season ahead, and I’ll issue my usual gloomy (but honest) forecast. I can’t wait to tear into it.

I still have a bunch of stuff to do to get out of vacation mode and down to business, but look for some pearls of wisdom in this space real soon now.


  1. BigAl says

    Hope you enjoyed your “vacation.” (the itinerary suggests it was more of a weed related business trip),

    Well, the new AD seems to have one skill – lying to the Board of Trustees – that should make her successful at Penn State. If there’s any Board that “needs” lying to – it’s State’s. Plus, hiring her should score some affirmative action points with the NCAA.

    I’m looking forward to your season preview. It’s hard to believe the Central Florida loss is less than 5 weeks away.

    • says

      You cracked me up with that matter-of-fact mention of the Central Florida loss.

      Perhaps Barbour has made a secret deal with PS4RS to fire Franklin and bring Tom Bradley back as head coach. Just kidding, but no surprise would be a surprise given the way Penn State leadership has operated with its collective head up its collective ass for the past three years.

      I’ll now begin to collect my pearls of wisdom regarding the season ahead. I know they’ll beat Akron, Rutgers, UMass, Temple, and Illinois. That’s five wins, already! I know they’ll lose to UCF, OSU, and Moo U. Now, I have to look more closely at the rest. I think personnel shortages will really hit hard this year.


  2. K. John says

    I for one really like Penn State’s chances against the field this year, but it may not necessarily be because they are better than last year, I am just not that high on several teams they play.

    12 games. 8 Big Ten, 4 out of conference. Starting with the 4 out of league games. While I am not buying the nonstop nonsense the Penn State press has been droning on about the O-line (they are in far better shape than most think), that game is early and UCF returns its defense largely in tact. I am calling this one a toss up which the Turkey is happy to hear. Penn State should steam roll the other three.

    Now to the Big Ten. They get Rutgers in week three. Yeah, I don’t think Rutgers is going to win a Big Ten game this year. Then on to Northwestern. While most expect Northwestern to turn it around, I do not. I like Penn State here. Then little blue. Personally, I think Michigan is a train wreck waiting to happen. Think Rich Rodriquez sized train wreck. Chalk this one up to Penn State. I think UM is on its way to a 3 or 4 win season.

    Next up following a curious arrangement of off again on again bye weeks is Ohio State and I think Ohio State is the most over-rated team in the country and perhaps the most over-rated team since the 1999 Arizona Wildcats came to the Beav on opening day. Yeah, I think they could lose a few. With Navy, Virginia Tech and Cincinnati on the schedule early, I could see them dropping two. Call this one a toss up in the fight for second place in the East.

    I fully expect Penn State to win the remaining Big Ten games until they run into the living embodiment of 300. I am not looking forward to playing Michigan State. Shalique Calhoun might be the best player in America. If they survive Oregon, look out, nobody is going to beat them, but I will say this, Penn State has the next best chance.

    I like them to go 10 and 2 finishing second in the East, but not necessarily because they are that good, I just don’t think the schedule is as strong as some. I have Ohio State finishing third followed by Maryland and Indiana with Michigan and Rutgers home for the holidays. Out west, I am really starting to like Nebraska’s chances but currently have Iowa winning the division with Wisconsin finishing fourth behind Minnesota.

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