AARP: Boon or Bane for Seniors?

Were you ever a “lifetime” member of AARP who got a renewal notice asking for the current annual dues? Many, many of us did. This is just one example of what this organization is capable of. They’re in it to sell insurance; any side-benefits for seniors ride in the rumble seat.


December 4, 2013 AARP

Back in 2007, I expressed my discontent with AARP and its self-serving ways, which were most certainly not representative of the needs of most older Americans. Sure, they sell insurance, but that’s all they’re really all about, isn’t it? I came across this post recently, which I thought I ought to share with you. It […]

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AARP Sucks

December 6, 2007 AARP

It is no secret that the Turkey is an old fart, a so-called Baby Boomer, one of those aging drains on society who you’ll be working to support via your contributions to dwindling mythical Social Security and Medicare pools. As such, I have a great big beef with our favorite Grey Power lobbyists and dysfunctional support organization, the American Association of Retired People (AARP).

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