About Us

We write about anything we think is worth writing about. Hell, we write about anything. Period.

The basic orientation of The Nittany Turkey always has been Penn State Nittany Lions football, as it always will be. However, we take frequent side-trips to such diverse areas as politics, health issues, humor, old fart concerns, my most unforgettable characters, a certain South African hospitality industry family, and even (holy crap!) Casey Anthony. What we offer here are quirky, humorous (sometimes sardonically so), opinionated posts. If you’re looking for a constant stream of hard-core Nittany Lions news, check our links for some great blogs and news sites. Then come back here for some curmudgeonly ramblings.

In view of that certain aforementioned South African hospitality industry family having unknowingly produced a thread here that has developed a life of its own in its five years of existence after a single post about Monty Hundley, I’ve created a special menu link dedicated to the Tollman-Hundley thread.


The Nittany Turkey, Ben Goldfarb, has been writing this PSU drivel and whatever the hell else is on his mind since 1985, first as an e-mail list, later as a page on his web site, and since 2004, as a blog. He is a semi-retired IT consultant, as well as a libertarian, a raconteur, and a philosopher.