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In view of that certain aforementioned South African hospitality industry family having unknowingly produced a thread here that has developed a life of its own in its five years of existence after a single post about Monty Hundley, I’ve created a special menu link dedicated to the Tollman-Hundley thread.


The Nittany Turkey, Ben Goldfarb, has been writing this PSU drivel and whatever the hell else is on his mind since 1985, first as an e-mail list, later as a page on his web site, and since 2004, as a blog. He is a semi-retired IT consultant, as well as a libertarian, a raconteur, and a philosopher.

The Redhead, a freelance writer who will remain anonymous, gives us an occasional break from the vagaries of pigskin pulchritude with her rambunctious rants, while playing James Carville to the Turkey’s Mary Matalin (not matrimonially). We at the Turkey are happy to announce that on August 20, 2009, The Redhead and her long-time companion MathGuy were united in marriage. May they have a long, happy life together and may she maybe write something every once in a while.

The Mouse Who Ate Xanax is a neurotic, hyperactive, antisocial rodent living under The Nittany Turkey’s sofa who takes self-prescribed social anxiety disorder drugs and eats well during football season. The mouse has opinions on everything.

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kenS March 1, 2011 at 7:42 am

I too joined AARP when i turned 50 with a lifetime membership. I would like to see a website to take a count of those like us simply by clicking a box, PLEASE !

I personally know of 9 others that did the same of course 3 are in the ground BUT I KNOW THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE HEARD
p.s. – i’m a retired viet-nam vet and the VA medical system treats us even worse; jump on that one if you want.


The Nittany Turkey March 1, 2011 at 10:51 am

Hello, Ken. You’ve hit on one of my favorite subjects: AARP. While a class action suit probably wouldn’t be worth the effort (what were the real damages), perhaps the Justice Department could spank AARP for deceptive advertising practices. They are a powerful lobby, so I doubt that they’ll leave their asses uncovered. Still, exposing the practice serves a valid purpose.

Alas, I have none of the literature from back then, when the promise of a lifetime membership for $40 or $45 was so appealing. I think I can put together a page with the check box here on the blog, but I question how wide the distribution would be. It would be cool to create a separate site (screwedbyAARP.com?), but I’d do that only with research collaboration. It will be a lot of work to dig up the original inducements plus the history of what AARP did or didn’t do to cover their asses when the policy changed.

As for the VA, I have no first-hand knowledge of what goes on there. I’ve obviously heard from a lot of vets, yourself included. Today’s vets seem to have it better, given all the politically correct commentary regarding supporting our troops, but the Vietnam generation of vets continues to suffer. It was bad enough not to be regarded as heroes by the stateside population (driven by the liberal press, of course), but it is ridiculous that the government the vets willingly served now turns its back on their problems. The only insider at VA I used to know was a doctor who got fired for trying to get the shop unionized. That wouldn’t be much help. However, I urge you and any comrades with grievances against the VA to speak out about it from first-hand knowledge.

I’m going to put this stuff with the AARP thread.



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