Sometimes, I feel that my brilliance and intellect are almost too much for a single human. My wonderfulness is such a burden.

Sometimes, I wish I could understand why ignorance is bliss, so I could go find happiness.

Sometimes, I wonder why I’m so full of shit. My eyes are brown, after all.

Sometimes, I marvel at strokes of genius by others that lead me to see more clearly.

Sometimes, I see others struggling with concepts I find easy to comprehend. Why do they struggle, I think?

Sometimes, I can’t grasp something I should find easy. Is my mind going?

Sometimes, nothing at all makes sense.


  1. Joe says

    Cabin fever causing some form of reflection/self-evaluation NT? Surely not in sunny Florida! Now in beautiful 7″ snow covered SE PA with the temps hovering around 20 degrees (after hitting a low of 2 before sunrise today) . . . .

    • says

      It’s a crappy, cloudy day, but I’m busy rebuilding an RF amplifier, so occasionally I have to switch to something else. Ignore my musings.

      Yinz up ‘ere got it lots worse!