Laser Focus: Erickson Bent Over and Took It

And Emmert Stuck it In, Aided by Paul Surma! Check out the email exchange below between former BoT Vice Chairman Paul Surma and former Penn State President Rod Erickson. Ohhhhh, yeah! Surma’s an asshole and pusillanimous Erickson is a wimp. Fortunately, he did not take Surma literally, but the statue is apparently not in Franco Harris’ basement. […]

Laser Focus: The Gathering NCAA Shitstorm

There is indeed a shitstorm brewing over the NCAA sanctions levied against Penn State. A whole buncha revelations have emerged in the past couple of weeks out of the discovery phase of a lawsuit against the NCAA filed in state court by Pennsylvania state Senator Jake Corman and state treasurer Rob McCord challenging the $60 […]

Sudden Impact: Bye Week Browsing

I haven’t done a “Sudden Impact” column for a while, so I thought it was about time that I rectumfied that. For those of you new to the blog, Sudden Impact is a collection of small stories and opinions this turkey digs up because I think they’ll be of interest to all seven of you, […]