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Potheads Unite!

October 31, 2013 Current Events

On the marijuana front, two recent high-profile football oriented cases literally beg for the legalization of cannabis trafficking. First, we have our old Nittany Lion whipping boy, running back Austin Scott, now 28, who while he was a player was accused of rape and kicked off the team, although charges were later dropped. He picked […]

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Sandusky Arrested

October 9, 2013 Penn State Football

NFL Cleveland Browns executive Jon Sandusky, the son of incarcerated and disgraced former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky, was arrested early Tuesday morning on suspicion of drunken driving in Fargo, N.D.

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NCAA Softens on PSU Scholarship Constraints

September 24, 2013 Penn State Football

Mark Emmert agrees that Penn State has been a good boy and will reduce the NCAA punishment for events beyond the control of the football program. There is even some hope for abatement of the post-season ban, but not this year. Yeah, you read that right. Some of you even correctly predicted it. Whoda thought? […]

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Changes to NCAA Division I Governance Coming

September 23, 2013 Penn State Football

Mark Emmert warns us fools that a lot of changes will be coming to NCAA Division I sports governance over the next six to eight months. Be afraid! Be very afraid! “I’ve said publicly on a number of occasions the only thing everybody agrees on with Division I governance is that it doesn’t work,” Emmert said […]

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