Truth, Justice, and the American Way

My battle with the IRS is over! Three and a half years after my mom died, and having endured interminable machinations with the incompetent, diffuse, and impenetrable bureaucracy of the IRS including threats of seizure of property, we finally have closed the lingering case of her final tax return. What started as an identity theft […]

Whatever It Takes: Epilog

About a year ago, I wrote a scathing report describing the way some auto dealer service departments screw over their customers by ignoring manufacturers’ recommendations, performing unneeded services, double billing for other services, and billing for services not performed. Some of this is sold to the customer under the guise of concern for the safety of […]

Happy New Year from the Turkey!

Hiya to all my slappies! Your favorite turkey survived Thanksgiving and might well make it into the new year! Only a few more hours and it will be 2015! This year has passed very quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was bitching about how football season couldn’t come soon enough. Now, […]