Home Improvement Hell: Day Five

April 15, 2014 General

The siding job proceeds apace. While last week we had only two guys and a floating foreman, this week we’ve got four guys plus the foreman. That means both increased productivity plus the potential for diminishing returns when they start getting in each others’ way. Fortunately, there has not been much of the latter.

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Home Improvement Hell

April 11, 2014 General

I’ve been fixing up da turkey coop. Yeah, it’s a big time consumer, even though the major portion of the work is contracted out. There are several subjects I want to catch up with, such as the Blue-White game this weekend and the NLRB ruling with regard to unionization, but I won’t be commenting about them here. Nay, this post is strictly blowing off some steam about the home improvement project. So, read on at your own risk.

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New Prexy from FSU

February 16, 2014 General

There’s a new sheriff in town, and who can wait until Monday’s official announcement to blast out the news? Clearly, Onward State can’t, as they broke the story two days ago that was later picked up by the other scoop starved rags. Eric J. Barron, most recently president of Florida State University is to become Penn State’s […]

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January 4, 2014 General

Sometimes, I feel that my brilliance and intellect are almost too much for a single human. My wonderfulness is such a burden. Sometimes, I wish I could understand why ignorance is bliss, so I could go find happiness. Sometimes, I wonder why I’m so full of shit. My eyes are brown, after all. Sometimes, I […]

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