PSU Selects Woman to Head Athletics

July 29, 2014 General

“PSU Selects Woman to Head Athletics” was a big lead headline on the front page of Sunday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This apparently pissed off enough people to warrant a post in  WTF? Of course it is remarkable that a woman was chosen to be the director of a major college athletic department. Have we lost all sensibility? […]

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Mr. Irrelevant

July 27, 2014 General

I’ve been on vacation of late, hitting such vacation spots as Green Bay, Wisconsin; The Big Sleazy, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; Mountain Home, Arkansas; and Wakulla Springs, Florida. In Green Bay, I was trying out for middle linebacker with the Packers, because they need someone better than Clay Matthews. but the cheeseheads didn’t seem interested.

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It’s a jungle out there: auto dealer service departments

May 20, 2014 General

Recently, Artificially Sweetened had an issue with her 2008 Toyota Sienna. She placed her trust in a large, local Toyota dealer to perform the service. Under the circumstances, it seemed like the best place to get what she needed, but in the end, it turned out to be the worst. I’ll keep you in suspense […]

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Home Improvement Hell: Gutterballs

April 30, 2014 General

The Nittany Turkey’s home improvement project continues, with gutters, downspouts, and exterior painting currently on the agenda.

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