How to Screw Up an Easy Hike

Camping Shelter

Monday was the eighth anniversary of the hike on which Artificially Sweetened and I first met. I wanted to commemorate that event with an anniversary hike, but AS has been encumbered by a plethora of issues while this retired turkey can frequently find some free time. Accordingly, not wanting to let the event pass yet another year without a proper celebration, I decided to do a solo hike in the same wild area in which we had hiked eight years ago.

Forced Update!

Oy, vey, the recent upgrade to WordPress 4.0 broke my old Thesis 1.8.5 theme, already, so I was forced to abandon it and go with a new theme for The Nittany Turkey. This is a work in progress. I’d rather be adding content and making impertinent comments than playing with CSS and stuff, so the […]