Sorry, Bobby – St. Joe Rules

Joe Paterno Wins Over NCAA Posthumously

Hot flash! The NCAA announced that pursuant to an agreement being hammered out between the parties, Joe Paterno’s 111 vacated wins will be restored. They’ll give one back to Scrap Bradley, too.

He’s Real Fine, My 409!

So, St. Joe now has 409 wins again and Bobby Bowden has fewer. Pffffffffffft!

So, Why Is This Happening?

The NCAA fears what might come out of the pending trial, that’s why. And I don’t blame them, because what they did to Penn State bordered on criminal. No doubt, there are other skeletons in their closet that Mark Emmert and company are loath to have exposed.

While we’re at it, Louis Freeh ought to be afraid — be very afraid. I want my $6 million back.

And now, what about the statue? LOL! Is it in Franco’s basement? Is it stored “in a safe place” like one of those abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnels? Enquiring minds want to know. Will this settlement clear the way for the Penn State administration to begin restoring the glory of St. Joe, like PS4RS has wanted all along?

Name the stadium Paterno’s Beaver Stadium. Hell, call the University Joe Paterno Culture of Football University, for that matter! St. Joe is Back!

While we’re at it, USA Today published a piece giving a good timeline on how Penn State was coerced into signing the consent decree.

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