You Must Watch This Interview

Jim T. Clemente is the former FBI profiler who wrote the most compelling sub-report incorporated into the Sollers report commissioned by the Paterno family. A former sexually abused child himself, he is intensely passionate about the subject of child abuse, which comes through clearly when he is interviewed. I would recommend that anyone with any interest in not only the Penn State Sandusky case but also the entirety of the child abuse issue pay keen attention to his words in this interview, which I thank Joe for passing along. (I’m going to change my will to bequeath The Nittany Turkey to Joe, because he does such a great job of news gathering for me.)

This is a long interview, transcending the usual short attention span crap we get on network and cable TV. You don’t have to watch it all at once, but most of you will after you get a dose of Clemente’s sincerity and intensity.


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