Severance Packages Ain’t Cheap!

PSU $Changing football coaching staffs too frequently can cost megabucks. Losing head coaches to the NFL can generate megabucks. That’s the reality of big-time, big-money college football today. Penn State, having paid out $2.5 million in severance payments in 2012-13, provides some pretty graphic examples on both sides of the ledger.

Any hope of being in denial about espousing an institutionalized “culture of football” must be somewhat daunted by the reality and magnitude of the numbers presented in this report by under Mike Poorman’s by-line, which also incorporates a “where are they now?” element. If you want to know where Kenney, Buggs, Vanderlinden, and others went, Poorman has done his research in that regard.

Inevitably, Poorman throws in some personal conjectures — with Mike, the devil is always in the details. In this case, he matter of factly sneaks in the notion that Vanderlinden was fired by O’Brien, which neither they nor anyone in a position to know firsthand has acknowledged. Check it out.

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