Braxton Miller Out for Season

If it weren’t for the great defensive line coached by the greatest defensive line coach in the world at (the) Ohio State University, I would say that there is now hope for a Penn State victory over the Buckeyes. Vaunted OSU quarterback Braxton Miller succumbed to a shoulder injury that re-aggravated the condition for which he had off-season surgery, and he will apparently miss the season.

Awwww, the Buckeyes just went from national title contender to somewhere in the Top 15 or 20. Pity. I’m all broken up about that.

Redshirt freshman QB J. T. Barrett will get the starting nod with Miller out. He’s listed at 6-1, 225, from Wichita Falls, TX, and he hasn’t yet taken a snap in a real, semi-pro college game.



  1. Joe says

    Urbz has had a reoccurrence of migraines this past week-wonder what brought that about? You had to know that Miller’s recovery was not going well as he really wasn’t doing a lot of throwing since camp opened. I also don’t think Miller would have made it through the season anyway and no Kenny Guiton to throw in the breach to boot.

    There are also a lot of other injuries on his roster-most not serious, but it is having an impact on building his team chemistry & cohesion according to Urbz. Lest we forget Spence misses the first two games serving his “I took something I shouldn’t have taken” punishment.

    Has the ship passed Urbz by? If he doesn’t win the big one in the next couple of years, he’ll be back in the broadcast booth.

    I don’t know what Navy has this year, but I’m smelling trouble for the bucknuts in Maryland on August 30th.

    • says

      Allz I gotta say is that Moo U. gotta be feeling a lot better about their chances.

      I don’t think the proverbial ship has passed Urbz by. They’ve been recruiting well and they’ll always be a force. Whether they’re Final Four material in future years, I’m a doubter. In that context, I think the Big Ten’s ship has been in dry dock for a while.


      • Joe says

        So do you really think Meyer is going to encourage Miller to take a medical red shirt and come back next season? Not me. He’s going to spend a season getting this kid Barrett (or Jones) up to speed running his offense and I don’t think he would be willing to sit him next year while Miller “attempts” a return. Meyer allowed Miller to get the crap beat out of him when he played and even though “he thinks of him as a son”, in his mind Miller’s ship has now sailed-time to move on. I don’t think he’ll get drafted by the pros either. He might get a courtesy tryout or two, but I don’t think even if he had stayed healthy this year, he was a pro QB.

    • K. John says

      Not only are the Bucks missing Spence for the first two weeks (Navy and Va Tech) but his backup transferred prior to the season. They also lost their top backup on the other side behind Bosa. He also played inside on passing downs.

      As for Navy, they should start fairly strong. I certainly would not want to play them in the first week with a couple of true freshmen in at linebacker and three new starters in the secondary. Navy also has a senior heavy offensive line and the best QB they have had in some time. He is a good runner and at worst, the best passing QB Navy has had since I have been following college football. At best, it has been said that he is their best QB since Mr. Dallas himself.

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