Sorry, Bobby – St. Joe Rules

Joe Paterno Wins Over NCAA Posthumously Hot flash! The NCAA announced that pursuant to an agreement being hammered out between the parties, Joe Paterno’s 111 vacated wins will be restored. They’ll give one back to Scrap Bradley, too. He’s Real Fine, My 409! So, St. Joe now has 409 wins again and Bobby Bowden has […]

Roasted Duck: Thoughts on Ohio State Massacre

Ohio State 42, Oregon 20

Ohio State 42, Oregon 20 It wasn’t pretty, by any means. It was sloppy — and brutal. Brutus brutalized the hapless Ducks to the tune of 42-20 even while turning the ball over four times. Thus, it could have been a lot more brutal. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying display of power football, even for […]

Laser Focus: Final Chapter — Karen Peetz Resigns

Karen Peetz Gone! Yeah, folks! Karen Peetz, the woman responsible for my “Laser Focus” series has resigned completely from the Penn State Board of Trustees. Peetz, whose famous deflection, “We need to maintain a laser focus on the future of the University” during the depths of the NCAA overreach following the Sandusky Scandal inspired my […]