The Maize and Blue Margarita

RD and Mike Drink

I forgot to include my opponent tribute cocktail of the week in the Michigan game recap. I invented one called the Maize and Blue Margarita. Start with a typical margarita, using blue curaçao instead of triple sec. Then add three candy corn kernels to represent the maize. Garnish with a lime slice and dat’s da […]

Worse after bye week?

In one of the worst offensive efforts I’ve seen from Penn State since [cue foreboding cello] The Dark Years, the Nittany Lions (4-2, 1-2 Big Ten) bowed to the previously hapless Michigannah Wolverines (3-4, 1-2), breaking a major slide for the ‘Rines in front of a packed Big House. Announced attendance was 113,085. This was […]