Sandusky Sent Down River

After a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Corrections Department review, convicted child molester and former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been sent to the Greene State Prison, where he will serve out his sentence (and probably, his life) in protective custody. He’s still pursuing appeals, which no one expects to go anywhere.

Jerry Sandusky, hands shackled, is whisked off to county jail.Greene is a maximum security prison, classified as a “Supermax“, which contains a Death Row. Lifers there include Philadelphia serial killer Juan Covington, and three convicts await execution. This is one tough place.

“We make individual decisions based on facts,” Corrections Secretary John Wetzel said in a written statement. “Given the high-profile nature of this individual, coupled with the nature of his crimes, this makes him very vulnerable in a prison setting.”

Noooo kidding, John!

(We all know from watching TV crime dramas what happens to guys like Jer in da Big House.)

Just how effective will the security measures be? Better be Biohazard Level 5 containment for Ol’ Jer.

He will not have a cellmate and will be subjected to heightened supervision and an escort when not in his cell. He will get an hour of individual exercise five days a week and three showers a week — alone, save for the escort. He will eat meals in his cell. All other services, including religion, medications, and treatment programming will be conducted in his cell.

All visits will be non-contact. No touching of or by the Tickle Monster.

Sandusky’s legal representations did not return phone calls.

This is close to home for “Jer”. His home town of “Little Washington” is a half-hour north on I-79. A further half-hour north lies the thriving, post-ferrous metropolis of Pittsburgh.

The State Correctional Institution at Greene, as it is formally known, is a maximum-security prison that houses a total of 1,800 inmates and employs 700 people.

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