A Very Merry Free Agent Christmas!

Anthony “Spice” Adams, former Nittany Lion and NFL player, is once again up to his comedic finest, as he continues to lament that phone that just isn’t going to ring, especially at Christmastime. He offers a two-CD set of his favorite Christmas songs.

Merry Christmas from Spice and the turkey!


  1. Lizzie says

    Merry Christmas Turk. Better stay in hiding today as it is still not too late to find you, pluck you, stuff you and put you in the oven!
    As for me I am nursing one of the worst upper respiratory infections I have ever had! Day 6 and not much improvement. Who invented these damn viruses that keep mutating.
    Merry Christmas from the land of iceburgs and igloos. (neither of which I have ever seen in real time).

    • says

      Merry Christmas, dere, to all you locked-hout NHL ‘ockey players, dere. We hope you’re enjoying da holidays with your families in Nordern Ontario and Quebec, dere, and we furter hope dat Bettman gets real, dere. We feel your pain, dere, and we know dat you rather be slashin’ and cross-checkin’. Let’s drop dat puck, dere, on 15 January fer sure. We sure miss you hosers (even if you do talk funny)!

      And a Merry Christmas to you, too Lizzie! You know that it’s the damn hospitals that sculpt these designer viruses, don’t you?


      • Lizzie says

        You guys below us are the ones that talk and spell funny.
        Antibiotic overuse is responsible for the rise of resistant bacteria. Viruses maybe not so much. I am an OCD hand washer in public places and have my Purell on my person at all times.
        Anyway, you are safe this year kiddo, my turkey is in the oven!
        Have fun and my best to AS and family.

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