Sandusky Scandal 2012 AP Sports Story of the Year

For the second straight year, Penn State has bagged the AP Sports Story of the Year. In 2011, the Sandusky scandal was just over a month old when voters acknowledged the ignominious accomplishment. In 2012, there have been peaks and valleys, particularly after the Tickle Monster was convicted; however, there is no doubt that “Jer” inspired the production of more column inches by far than Lance Armstrong, the runner-up.

The New Orleans Saints’ player bounties finished third.

Votes were submitted by U.S. news organizations, who were asked to rank the top ten stories. The top story was given ten points, the second was given  nine, and so forth. Top ten results (157 ballots cast):

  1. Penn State scandal (1,420 pts.)
  2. Lance Armstrong titles stripped (1,008)
  3. New Orleans Saints bounties (724)
  4. Concussions and football (518)
  5. London Olympics (491)
  6. BCS-FBS playoffs announced (481)
  7. NFL replacement officials (394)
  8. Giants win Super Bowl (362)
  9. Pat Summitt retires (331)
  10. Peyton Manning signs with Broncos (317)

And so, here we are, still in the Hall of Notoriety, the Wall of Shame, …

The real story should have been NCAA hegemony, but no one is writing about that. Sara Ganim is at CNN now, so no chance of her reporting on it. Emmert needs to be exposed for his power mongering. Yeah, he does.


  1. BigAl says

    The corporate owned mainsteam media isn’t going to report anything that would reflect badly on one of their business partners – i.e. the NCAA.

    The only way Emmert gets exposed (assuming that he and not Gay lied about the 4 year death penalty) is if some blogger finds a smoking gun and reports on it. And then so many other bloggers copy the story that the mainstream media can’t ignore it any longer.

    I think PS4RS is more likely to accomplish something than Emmert is likely to get exposed for his power grab re Penn State.

    However, Emmert is an arrogant, egotistical prick. And arrogant, egotistical pricks typically believe that the rules/laws apply to everyone except them. So he can hope he will do something Pertrinoesque in the future – like putting his mistress on the NCAA payroll or paying for hookers with his NCAA credit card.

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