Still No News on Bill O’Brien

by Ben Goldfarb on December 31, 2013

in Penn State Football

There is no news on whether O’Brien will stay or go.

So, why did I  write this?

It seems as if everyone is making much ado about nothing on Twitter, vying to be the first to actually say something. Right now, they’re all saying nothing. 

They’ve got him going to the Texans, the Lions (the un-Nittany ones in the nation’s fastest shrinking city), and staying at Penn State.

They’re happy and sad about him leaving. They’re happy and sad about him staying.

The worst ones of all are the lazy asses who show up and post: “Anything new about O’Brien going to Houston?” Yeah, dumbass — 1600 tweets just like yours! You’d think if they knew how to use a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone and figured out how to log on to Twitter, they could figure out how to enter a search term using the arcane incantation “Bill O’Brien” to figure out what’s transpired to date. Or perhaps they think the Twitter world owes them a personal briefing. No, schmuck — you have to read through the pile of shit tweets just like the rest of us.

However, among the preponderant garbage, I found one nice little piece written by Mike Poorman that will bring back memories. Read it to take a pleasant New Year’s Eve break from the circus.

While the absurdities pile up, I’ll take this opportunity to wish all six of you Nittany Turkey readers a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2014, and may the coach of your dreams either stay at or be hired by Penn State! Oh, and maybe Justin Bieber will apply for the president job and Miley Cyrus will be his choice as AD.

Yeah, we’re back to the theater of the absurd. I’m all Twittered out!

Try the Turkey’s favorite spare ribs and sauerkraut recipe for traditional New Year’s fare.


Joe December 31, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Update-BOB had been seen humming “Should I stay or should I go?” (as sung by the Clash and written by Billy Ray Cyrus) while walking the streets of Cape Cod alone this evening!

Seriously, doesn’t it seem like this is all a negotiation ploy with Joyner to get what he wants? In the end he stays-period.

Anyway, got some great Woodford Reserve, Double Oaked Bourbon that’s calling my name. We’ll sit and watch a movie and then kiss this year goodbye while welcoming in all the adventures to come in the new year!

Happy New Year to you and Artificially Sweetened and may your new year be bountiful and healthy!

We’ll bitch about “Will he stay or will he go BOB” later this week when we have something to bitch about!

The Nittany Turkey January 1, 2014 at 9:33 am

Nope. Never seemed like that to me. I felt like his stock with the NFL would go waaaaaaaaaaay down after this year if he kept up the bluffs and feints, which this proved not to be. After two years of dangling himself in front of the league, no one would take him seriously each succeeding year.

He wanted to be in the NFL. If you read David Jones article, he was at the end of his rope with PSU and the Paternoists. The time was right.


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