“Scrap” Hired by WVU

Tom “Scrap” Bradley, former defensive coordinator during the Paterno Era, has reached an agreement with West Virginia University and head coach Dana Holgorsen to become “senior associate head coach”. As such, he’ll work with Tony Gibson, who was recently promoted to defensive coordinator.

I’m sure the whiners will have something to say about this, like “HOW COULD HE??!?!?!” Well, hell, it’s not like Bowden or Rich Rodriguez are still coaching in Morgantown, and it’s not like they’re a regularly scheduled opponent. So, STFU! It’s not like he went to tOSU or anything!

It’s great that Bradley got a real job after languishing in the broadcast booth. He’s 57, and jobs don’t come easily for near seniors.

Said Bradley:

“I am truly excited to join the West Virginia football program. “I want to thank Coach Dana Holgorsen and Oliver Luck for this tremendous opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and success of the Mountaineer football program. Tony Gibson and I have recruited against each other in Pennsylvania for a lot of years, and it will be good to finally be on his side. I look forward to working with my friend to build a strong defensive unit at West Virginia.”

Read the article, man.


  1. Joe says

    Figured I’d respond to “Scrap” getting a coaching job, as the US looks like shit against Finland and I’ve pretty much given up.

    Good for him! And hopefully this will end the Scrap should have been the HC, DC, etc nonsense at Penn State

    • says

      They looked ineffectual against Canada; they looked flat-out BAD against Finland from the second period forward.

      I’m sure St. Joe would be happy for the Scrapperoo, the best defensive coordinator in the history of organized football.

      Actually, the soft Sandusky zone has no place in today’s game, and Holgorsen and Gibson know it. I think what they bought themselves was an ace recruiter to galvanize Western Pennsylvania.


  2. says

    I, for one, am very interested to see how these guys (Bradley and Johnson) recruit when they’re not recruiting for “Penn State” and “Joe Paterno.” I know their skills and personalities–the players loved them. But can they recruit without the additional plusses of Penn State behind them? Obviously, O$U has never had much problem recruiting–at least in the last fifteen years or so, so LJ’s job is the easier of the two, I would think, at least as far as recruiting. And any defense Tom puts on the field will be an improvement for WVU!

    I do wish Tom well, though. He was a victim of circumstances beyond his control. Glad to see him find gainful employment on the sideline doing what he does best!

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