Doooo Youuuu Knowwww What Todayyyy Isssss?


Hint: It’s an anniversary. A tenth anniversary. Think. Think back ten years. What might have been going on in the world? So, I’ll eliminate your suspense. It was that wonderful, iconic, dreadful, offensive, no-offense 6-4 Penn State loss to Iowa. Josh Moyer reminded me of it with this ESPN Big Ten Blog post. Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Sudden Impact: A Bye Week Fixes Everything!

Talk about shooting one’s self in the foot, this lead story describes the quintessence of foot-shooting! Read it! You’ll LOL! No, I’m not talking about Penn State. I’m talking about what might (and probably should) happen to Will Muschamp after the Florida Gators (3-3, 2-3 SEC) were summarily embarrassed on Homecoming Day with the seemingly unwilling participation of […]