On the cusp of August, let us pray…

The pre-season college football coaches’ poll is out, so that means your favorite turkey needs to get his feathered ass in gear to begin his coverage of the 2015-2016 Penn State football season. I guess a good start would be to once again poll my faithful readers, all five of you — we lost Mom back in 2011 — to see how everyone views the season ahead. I’ll review last year’s results, too, just so you know how you made out, or to laugh at you — one or the other.

The Mike Hall Bowl

Mike Hall

AKA Penn State Blue-White Game The impression I got from watching BTN’s telecast of the Penn State spring Blue-White Game was that it was all about BTN and Mike Hall, one of its employees.  Fortunately, Matt McGloin was there to provide at least some Penn State relevance. But, for those of you who actually attended […]

Penn State: 17th Best CFB Coaching Job?

ESPN has spent a few minutes attempting to rank the best coaching jobs in college football. A premier collection of know-it-all college football sportswriters and analysts sitting around a dinner table drinking Romulan Ale wound up ranking Penn State 17 out of the 65 Power Five schools they considered for ranking, putting the Nittany Lions job in the dreaded Third Tier.