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All about Penn State Football, from the point of view of the infamous Nittany Turkey. Commentary and opinions about the current game, the season, the prospects for future seasons, JoePa, Big Ten officiating, and any other related subjects on which I wish to go off.

Faith and Begorrah! (Thank God THAT’S Over!)

August 31, 2014 Penn State Football

In the end, it was Penn State 26, UCF 24, and the ancient cannons of Croke Park blew out blue and white confetti while the victorious Nittany Lions hoisted a majestic trophy named after Steelers’ owner and former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Dan Rooney.

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WSJ: PSU ‘Most Embarrassing’

August 28, 2014 Penn State Football

On a scattergram adorned with major college football team logos, the X-axis represents the scale from “weakling” to “powerhouse”, while the Y-axis tracks the intangible ranging from embarrassing to admirable. Penn State’s logo shows up on the bottom of the “embarrassing” scale and slightly to the right of the Y-axis, representing a modest powerhouse.

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Frogs Croke, Turkeys Gobble

August 27, 2014 Penn State Football

The Lions travel to Dublin to face the UCF Knights in what is ostensibly a home game for the Knights.

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Panel Picks Reprise (Updated)

August 25, 2014 Penn State Football

Here’s the latest pre-season selection matrix. I’m considering this the final one, as the season looms nigh. Following the presentation of the predictions, I’ll tell you a little bit about the predictors. Game BigAl Joe K.John TNT Drozz Mike Toejam RD Con UCF L W W L L W W L T Akron W W […]

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