Tim Beckman (ATB) Gone!

Recall that this turkey had posited in my season predictions that this would be Tim Beckman’s final year as head football coach at Illinois: “We all hope this will be Asshole Tim Beckman’s (ATB) last year…”. We didn’t have to put up with him for another year. The University of Illinois fired Tim Beckman today.

New Penn State Uniform Looks Kinda Gay

Gay new Penn State football uniform.

Subtle, but gay, changes to Penn State football jerseys. Take a look at the picture. What is wrong with this picture? I dunno whether it was Sandy Barbour’s idea or what, but between the new 1855-less lion logo and this new frilly blouse, this old traditionalist ain’t too happy. I imagine I’ll get over it.

Donovan Smith Pro Debut a Bit Flawed

Everson Griffen sacking Jameis Winston

Is Donovan Smith a Plot by the Bucs to Collect Jameis Winston’s Life Insurance? Former Penn State Traffic Cone Donovan Smith did not sparkle in his pro debut with the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers who apparently had great expectations when they drafted him 34th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft. The 6′ 6″, 338-pound Smith […]