Regular Season Finale: Michigan State

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The Battle for the Land Grant (Dys)Trophy Hello again, sports fans, the Nittany Turkey here to give you one last game precap and prediction for this 2014 regular season. I’m getting my licks in early because if I wait until the end of this week, I might well have joined my brethren on the Thanksgiving […]

Beckman Still Sucks (But He Might Have Outcoached Franklin)

Illinois 16, Penn State 14 No one can dispute the ugliness of today’s Penn State (6-5, 2-5 Big Ten)  loss to Illinois (5-6, 2-5), two bottom feeders seeking some salvation for a forlorn season. It sucked. Illinois won 16-14. Neither team showed  much in the way of offense, and in the end, the vaunted Penn […]

Recap of Predictions for Illinois Game

The Nittany Turkey Esteemed Panel of Experts’ Predictions: Here they are. Bragging rights accrue to the best predictor. Still not too late to get yours in! Big Al – PSU 20, Illinois 16 “The team that has the fewest turnovers wins this game. If the turnovers are even, State wins. Neither team is good enough […]