McGloin to Start

McGloin's Irish Mouthpiece
McGloin's Irish Mouthpiece

As we all kind of knew would happen in our brain of brains, Matt McGloin, the Irish scrapper from Scranton, has been tabbed today by Penn State head football coach Bill “I Coached Tom Brady” O’Brien as the titular starting quarterback for the Nittany Lions’ 2012 squad.  So, how do you think this will affect Bolden and Jones? Bolden is always a loose cannon, so if this puts him into “I wanna transfer” doldrums, no telling what he and his dad will want to do. Remember that they wanted to transfer before last season, but then head coach Joseph V. Paterno, of sainted memory, would not let Bolden out of his commitment.

The depth chart will list McGloin, Jones, and Bolden as number one, two, and three, respectively.

This was the first big decision by O’Brien at Penn State since he opted to retain Larry Johnson and Ron Vanderlinden, assistant coaches in the previous administration.

Are you happy with the choice?


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    As I said in my own blog, if a coach like O’Brien, who has worked with the likes of Tom Brady, thinks McGloin is the man for the job, then I think McGloin is the man. The Penn State site had some nice things to say about how he perceived McGloin and why Matt is the one he picked.

    Will his penchant for McPick Sixes and his cock-sure attitude be a problem? Who knows at this point.

    But maybe Matt has the things that will make O’Briens new offense work.

    And isn’t it kind of refreshing as a fan to KNOW who the starting QBis going to be? Imagine how relieved the team is!!

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      Knowing who it will be is certainly calming for the fans, so I can imagine how the team must feel about it. Well, maybe not Drake and Bolden, but Drake is off the squad and Bolden well earned his #3 position on the depth chart.

      It won’t be a season in which PSU will be a contender, anyhow, methinks, although this Turkey is ever the pessimist. When you talk about O’Brien coaching Tom Brady, you can’t hesitate before saying that McGloin couldn’t carry Brady’s jock strap, just in case your audience might make some kind of magical connection there. Still, it will be a season of revelations and refreshing changes after having watched the same old same old season in season out since before this Turkey got his adult flight feathers.


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    i’m giving o’brien an incredible amount of lattitude here (which i’m sure he appreciates). even if we only have 3 wins, this season is more about where we are going.

    if o’brien sez mcgloin, than mcgloin it shall be.

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      I think he deserves the latitude — a whole year’s worth. The new tight-end oriented offense is going to be interesting. Hell, it might take the whole year to work out the kinks. I’m anxious to see what he puts on the field in less than three months.


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